3 Best Virtual pet Apps on your Android

Best Virtual pet Apps on your Android: We all remember the Tamagotchi, the virtual pets on the small screen that needed to be taken care of and helped grow. With the advent of smartphones, it’s no longer surprising to see a pet on screen and play with it, although Tamagotchis are still on sale. There are many Best Virtual Pet Apps that allow you to have a virtual pet on your Android.

Virtual pet on your Android

Well, because you want to remember your childhood, you can’t have a pet at home, or because you want to keep your kid entertained for a long time, the Google Play Store offers plenty of options to relive the essence of Tamagotchi. You can have a virtual pet in your Android that you will have to take care of, feed or help her sleep. And all this with much more possibilities than in the original toy. And without any devices other than a phone.

Charming creatures, some thought about the smallest, and others – about not the smallest. They will let you treat them like a pet, but you can also play various mini-games within the app itself or customize some of them with their homes and rooms to your liking.

1. My OM Nom

My OM Nom is a pet released by ZeptoLab. For example, a character known for his main role in the famous game Cut the Rope. You will need to take good care of your own candy monster, bathe it or feed it regularly to keep it alive.

Talisman, like an old Tamagotchi, She will get sick if you don’t take care of her and ignore her. You can choose its name and play with the character in different fun and straightforward mini-games that will make the application more fun than a simple pet until you make it grow healthy and smooth. In addition to customizing your pet, you can also buy various decorations for your home, choose furniture, etc.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, although in-app purchases range from €17.99 to €17.99. My OM Nom is easy to use and has over ten million apps in the Android app store.

2. Buddy

If you don’t want to know about your virtual pet all the time and don’t risk getting sick, Buddy is your best bet. A small virtual pet that will entertain you when you get bored and that you can play with in your spare time (you or your cousin, your nephew or your son). You can dance, walk or play different mini-games.

The difference between Buddy is that, unlike other virtual pets, he not only works in the application but can also be on the phone when you are browsing the Internet or listening to music, constantly keeping you company. To access it, you will only need to double-click, open the menu and start the fun.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Although there are in-app purchases, but there are purchases up to 1.09 euros. The app allows you to customize your virtual pet the way you want and keep your mobile phone from being as tiring as it used to be.

3. My Boo

Boo is another Tamagotchi-like virtual pet and what we know so far. You will have to feed him, dress him, clean and care for him. A very simple game designed for the little ones and which, in addition to the virtual pet, has more than ten mini-games.

You can give him any name dress him up in an infinite number of different costumes. Or feed him different foods like candy, pizza or sushi. You can play ball, trampoline, and, as in the first option, decorate your house to your liking by adding the items you need to it.

If taking care of it isn’t enough, it also lets you play classic mini-games like memory, bubble burst (you’ll need to connect pieces of the same colour) or a basket.


The app is free and has over ten million downloads in the Google Play store. Although it’s free, it includes in-app purchases to unlock more features, ranging from €1.09 to €114.99.

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