Buy a Tacx Roller Bench: Best & Advantages

Are you looking for a Tacx roller? In this content, I will tell you about all the cycle rollers you need to know. Why choose a Tacx roller, and what are the possible disadvantages? I will also tell you what the best devices are and which stores are the best to purchase.

Why a Tacx roller?

Rollers can now almost be called a classic bicycle trainer. We used to know no better than that you could cycle inside on a roller bench. You simply had no choice.

Today, however, opportunities abound. Wonderful software has been developed that allows you to cycle in a virtual environment. There are also more and more bicycle trainers on the market.

Yet nothing beats the “old-fashioned” dynamometer. A considerable number of cyclists still really prefer this.

When it comes to the range of rollers, you cannot, of course, look past the Tacx rollers. This is unquestionably the industry leader. It was also the first brand to put the devices on the market.

According to almost all experts, the bicycle trainers of this brand are of the very best quality. So it should be clear that you have to choose Tacx. But then we also come straight to the next question.

Which Tacx rollers to buy?

Which Tacx rollers should I buy exactly? You may have already found that the choice is not huge. This in itself is an advantage, as it makes a choice a lot easier. You can choose from 2 good turbo trainers, which we explain in more detail below.

Tacx Galaxia

The Tacx Galaxia is the most popular Tacx rollers. This bicycle trainer has a special swing system, which ensures that forward and backward movements are absorbed.

This bike trainer is also easy to store and transport since you can slide it in after using it.

Tacx Antares

The Tacx Antares is slightly more straightforward rollers, but that doesn’t make it any less pleasant. You can also slide these in, which makes storage and transport easier.

This bike trainer is ideal for training your balance and staying in shape when the weather is terrible outside.

Tacx Galaxia vs Antares

Which of the above rollers suits you best, the Galaxy or the Antares, will depend on your wishes. For the beginner, we recommend the Antares. This bicycle trainer is very suitable for getting used to this way of cycling. If you already have a little more experience, the Galaxia is the best choice.

Advantages of cycling on a rollers

Since the developments in” bicycle trainer land” are going so fast, you would almost wonder whether training on a roller dynamometer is still advisable.

But these devices are still incredibly common, as we pointed out at the beginning of this post. This popularity is due to several things, more about which below.

You can get started quickly

With a direct drive turbo trainer, you first have to remove the rear wheel of your bicycle.

Then you buy a wheel-on that does not have to, you might think? Well, even with a wheel-on trainer, it is highly advisable to remove your rear wheel.

If you don’t, you’re going to have to cope with wear on your tire, and it isn’t clear too.

So if you want to get started quickly, a Tacx roller tester is the best option. You can put the bike on it and start cycling immediately. This saves you a lot of time!

It’s cheap

Rollers from Tacx are affordable. You can already get them for a few hundred euros (often even under 200 euros). If you compare this with a smart trainer, which can easily cost around 1000 euros or more, this saves a lot.

Incidentally, nowadays, you also have some intelligent rollers. However, these are still relatively scarce, and Tacx does not sell them at the moment.

It’s fun

Of course, it will differ per person, but most cyclists enjoy cycling around such a roller. It gives you that natural cycling feeling and offers a unique experience. Very different from a “normal” bicycle trainer.

You train your balance

And finally, it is beneficial that you train your fitness and stamina, and your balance. The rollers are the only type of bicycle trainer where the balance is addressed in such away.

Your balance is tested even more on this than when cycling on the road. This is also good training for your trunk stability, making you a better cyclist again. This is ideal training for track cyclists.


Are there any downsides? It is not all rose scent and moonshine on the roller benches of Tacx. No, there are also some points that some cyclists are less pleased with. We have just mentioned keeping your balance as an advantage. That’s how we see it. However, some cyclists do not like this.

Because of this, you have to stay focused while cycling to prevent imbalance. Fortunately, a solution has been devised for this; the Tacx rollers bicycle bracket. You attach this to the rollers, after which you can securely attach your bike.

This is the ideal solution for beginners to get used to the feeling. Another possible disadvantage is that the Tacx rollers are not intelligent trainers. They are, therefore, not interactive bicycle trainers with which you can cycle virtually.

Rollers vs. other types of Tacx bicycle trainers

In this article, we have already mentioned other types of bicycle trainers several times. In addition to the dynamometer, we also know 2 other types:

  1. Direct drive turbo trainers
  2. Wheel-on turbo trainers

With the direct-drive variants, the intention is that you dismantle your rear wheel and then attach the bicycle to the bicycle trainer. With the wheel-on, you can keep your wheel on it, but as mentioned, it is advisable to use a training wheel for this.

Which variant you choose depends entirely on your preferences. Opinions differ widely on this. Every cyclist will have their preferences when it comes to indoor cycling.

Other brands of dynamometers

As I said before, Tacx is the absolute pioneer when it comes to roller dynamometers. It was already in 1972 when Tacx decided to start manufacturing rollers.

Nowadays, however, it is no longer the only brand that offers this type of turbo trainer. However, there are still remarkably few brands that you can choose from.

That in itself is not bad since Tacx’s more than meets expectations. Other brands that offer dynamometers include Elite and several lesser-known B brands.

About Tacx

Tacx is a Dutch brand that was founded in 1957 as a bicycle shop in Wassenaar. What began as a small shop has now developed into an absolute behemoth of cycling and, in particular, bicycle trainers.

Tacx is closely linked to cycling, and the brand is constantly innovating and improving its equipment.


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