Semimagnum Flakes of 42 Grams, Our Review

As just a woodland pigeons hunter, I was seeking for an ammunition that would be useful in hard hunting scenarios. On the advice of my gunsmith, I started in December 2017 to try the Fiocchi Semimagnum 42g, obviously in 12 gauge, in the 7, 6, and 5 lead variants. From that moment, it has become for me an indispensable cartridge […]

Arc Types

Recurve Bow The recurve arch is the Olympic arch – and is so-called due to the design of the ends of the arch legs. These are bent forward in the direction of the shot. This is partly intended to give the bow a better throw (higher arrow speed) and partly that the bow feels a little softer to pull at […]

Losing Lower Belly Fat: How Do I Get It Out?

Lower belly fat is the most stubborn fat there is for many. You could therefore describe it as the problem zone. How will I break the nerve and stubborn bottom fat? Can I train it away? And how should I eat? We answer all these questions for you in this article. It’s time to end lower belly fat! Lower belly […]

Buy an Air Bike? The Benefits & Best 3

Are you thinking of buying an air bike? After reading this article, you will know everything about the air bike, and you can make the best choice when buying an air bike. In this test, you discuss the advantages, the points of attention when buying, and you discover the TOP 3. What is an air bike? Air bikes, also called […]

Fast Weight Loss With Pills: Effect & Which Types?

There is a constant search for the best ways to get rid of excess pounds quickly. On the one hand, people are experimenting with different types of diets and, on the other, people are looking for supplements, such as pills. Is there a pill for losing weight quickly? And if so, how quickly does that work? Do you have to […]

Buy a Tacx Roller Bench: Best & Advantages

Are you looking for a Tacx roller? In this content, I will tell you about all the cycle rollers you need to know. Why choose a Tacx roller, and what are the possible disadvantages? I will also tell you what the best devices are and which stores are the best to purchase. Why a Tacx roller? Rollers can now almost […]

The Great Rowing Machine Test – Final TOP 3

Buying a rowing machine is not always easy. Of course, you want to be assured of the best price-quality ratio. However, if you don’t personally test the rowing machine, it can be difficult to determine which one suits you best. To help you on your way, we did the ultimate rowing machine test. We have tested the rowing machines on […]

Which cross trainer should I choose?

The price is, as with everything else, an essential part when choosing a cross-trainer. If you want comfort and quality in the same way as the cross-trainers you find in the gym, you must be prepared that the desired model will be among the more expensive in this review. Crosstrainers that are cheaper than those available at the gym can […]