The Great Rowing Machine Test – Final TOP 3

Buying a rowing machine is not always easy. Of course, you want to be assured of the best price-quality ratio. However, if you don’t personally test the rowing machine, it can be difficult to determine which one suits you best. To help you on your way, we did the ultimate rowing machine test. We have tested the rowing machines on […]

Which cross trainer should I choose?

The price is, as with everything else, an essential part when choosing a cross-trainer. If you want comfort and quality in the same way as the cross-trainers you find in the gym, you must be prepared that the desired model will be among the more expensive in this review. Crosstrainers that are cheaper than those available at the gym can […]

Exercise Bike Test – Here are the best exercise bikes

In this test of exercise bikes, we take a closer look at the best exercise bikes on the market. We have collected several modern exercise bikes with exciting training programs, making exercise more fun and varied. First, we go through the pros and cons of some of the best exercise bikes on the market right now. To find the best […]

How to choose the right rod

How to choose the right rod: Talking here about the importance of the correct choice of rod for any type of fishing that we are going to practice is, by all accounts, absurd. The rod is the beginning and the end of fishing , the main element without which the sport fisherman is nothing. Throughout the history of fishing, there have […]