Exercise Bike Test – Here are the best exercise bikes

In this test of exercise bikes, we take a closer look at the best exercise bikes on the market. We have collected several modern exercise bikes with exciting training programs, making exercise more fun and varied.

First, we go through the pros and cons of some of the best exercise bikes on the market right now. To find the best models, we have, i.a. gone through a variety of independent tests and other sources, which will be mentioned when they are addressed.

In this article, you will thus:

  • A review of some of the market’s best exercise
  • Good advice and tips for optimal exercise with the exercise bike

Call Infinity 1.2B

When we tested 12 of the most popular exercise bikes, Casall Infinity 1.2B was crowned “best in the test.” The Swedish magazine Test.se also crowned the model as the winner, and it is judged to be good for the prize. This is an improved version of the previously very popular model 1.1B from the same series. Among the improvements, there are, e.g., a more robust frame and construction, which can handle a weight of up to 140 kilos. However, the bike weighs no more than 37 kilos, so it is no problem to move around on it.

Any movement is otherwise facilitated by the built-in transport wheels. The test panel thinks that the transport wheels are fragile, but they work well in practice. The flywheel itself is improved in this upgraded model. With a mass of 9 kilos, you get a nice and comfortable time. Like the seat, the handles can be adjusted in height, and in this way, the bike can be optimally adapted to all body types and heights.

Backlit display and a challenge for the most well-trained exercise bikes

Casall Infinity 1.2B stands out with backlighting on display. This best pedal exerciser for seniors is a really big advantage, if you cycle in the TV room with dim lighting, for example, because there is a lot of information to check out on the screen. Here you can while cycling keep track of both speed, distance, time, calorie consumption, watts, and rotations, as well as of course, heart rate measured with sensors in the bike’s handle.

You can always cycle in “manual” mode. But as a rule, it is a little more fun and more challenging to choose one of the entered training programs. There are as many as 12 of these. The bike also performs with 16 different electronically controlled resistance levels, of which the heaviest provide a good challenge even for the most well-trained exercisers.

Advantages of Casall Infinity 1.2B:

  • The improved model with i.a. heavier frame
  • Personal weight of up to 140 kilos, but low bike weight of 37 kilos
  • Large flywheel ensures a more stable load
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as built-in transport wheels Backlit
  • display
  • 12 training programs and 16 load
  • Levels Heart rate measurement built into the bike’s handle

Abilica WinMag Exercise Bike

When some magazines tested exercise bikes, there was no doubt about naming the Abilica WinMag exercise bike as a test winner. Bl.a. praise the user-friendliness, both in terms of assembly and subsequent use. The user manual is good, and the test panel finds that it is easy to get the functions on the screen, as well as find an exercise program that suits your current shape.

The only criticism that this model receives is that it can not be folded. In general, the other models cannot be folded either, so here Abilica WinMag does not differ significantly from the other models we have reviewed. In return, the model has transport wheels at the front feet, starting when the bicycle is to be moved or transported. With its 31 kilos, the model is the lightest of all the bikes we have looked at, something that makes it easy to move around.

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Everything in the functions and training programs

The price level for Abilica WinMag is at the intermediate level but still has many features. The magnetic resistance can be adjusted electronically to 16 different resistance levels, and the 12 different training programs ensure the possibility of varied training.

Abilica WinMag can handle people up to 130 kilos. The flywheel itself weighs 7 kilos. It creates excellent stability in performance and is slightly below the top models that generally have slightly heavier flywheels. The computer itself measures time, speed, calorie consumption, distance, and cadence (wire per minute), as well as the heart rate – which is measured via the heart rate monitor in the bike’s handle.

The model also stands out with adjustable handles and a very low boarding and alighting height. This is a great benefit if you are pregnant or have difficulty walking. Also, this is a trait you want to spend money on when your legs are completely lactic acid after a hard workout.

Advantages of Abilica WinMag:

  • Lightweight construction with a weight of only 31 kilos
  • User- friendly in both assembly and use, good manual
  • Integrated transport
  • wheels at the front feet Electronically controlled magnetic brakes with 16 resistance
  • levels Have room for water bottle
  • Computer with 12 training programs
  • Heart rate measurement directly in the handles
  • Low boarding and alighting height, and adjustable handles

Abilica Stream LB V

Abilica Stream LB V is one of the top models from Abilica, and that says a lot, as this brand itself is one of the most famous. The price is slightly higher than the previously tested models, although this model does not differ significantly in terms of function. The difference is mainly in the build quality, which is slightly above average. You can also almost see from the modern, robust design that it is a workhorse that can be used every day.

The model can then also handle a personal weight of up to 150 kilos and has an unladen weight of 46 kilos. It is thus slightly heavier than the cheaper models. This makes it a little heavier to move around on, but high weight has stability benefits, not least when cycling at high intensity. There are integrated transport wheels so that the bike can be set aside relatively easily as needed.

Good heart rate monitor and all the classic features

Abilica has equipped the Stream LB V with a good heart rate monitor located in the middle of the handles. At any time during the training, you just place your hands there, and within a few moments, you get a relatively accurate heart rate measurement. If you train purposefully, the heart rate is one of the most important parameters to control. And the pulse can certainly come up with this model. The 9-kilo flywheel can be loaded electronically, so you achieve 16 different resistance levels.

Abilica Stream LB V, of course, offers a computer with all the traditional statistics and measurements such as speed, cadence, time, and much more. All relevant data can be read and monitored on the bike’s display. You usually get the most value for money by training with one of the 12 built-in training programs, but you can, of course, also just set suitable resistance and then provide the iron with this robust training tool.

Advantages of Abilica Stream LB V:

  • Top model with the extra good build quality
  • Can handle personal weights of up to 150 kilos
  • A 46 kilo heavy and very stable model
  • Built-in transport
  • wheels that facilitate movement Heavy flywheel with 16 resistance
  • Levels Good heart rate monitor and versatile computer

Abilica Stream UB VIII

With Stream UB VIII, Abilica has tried to accommodate the many exercisers who have requested the smart features from the professional X-series – but at a slightly lower price. And you could say that they have succeeded well with that. In practice, you get an exercise bike in the “regular” Abilica standard, at a general average price, but with a set of functions that utilize the latest digital development. For example, the computer is Bluetooth compatible so that you can connect the exercise bike wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can, via a free app, have control access, set, and read all the bike functions, which offers completely new possibilities. You can, e.g., mount a plate on top of the existing screen (the model is thus adapted to this). This suddenly gives an incredibly large screen, something that is nice in itself.

But the bike’s technical pieces are also compatible with Google Maps, so you can ride a bike ride live anywhere in the world and then watch the landscape roll by just like on a “real” bike ride. This, of course, lifts the training to completely new heights, and you completely forget that the muscles are a bit sore.

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Classic construction with extra possibilities

The Stream UB VIII bike itself comes in a classic design in the usual high Abilica build quality. Although the construction is robust, the bike weighs no more than 34 kilos, despite a heavy flywheel weighing 9 kilos. The construction is dimensioned for people weighing up to 130 kilos. The actual function level is completely in line with the class standard: there are 16 different electronically set resistance levels, and the computer offers 12 different input training programs.

Heart rate measurement is necessary for serious training to train in an optimal position without overtraining. The model has a standard heart rate monitor built into the handles, but also, it is also ready for any connection of a wireless heart rate belt, which can be purchased. The pros normally always have a heart rate belt on, giving a more accurate heart rate measurement. You can therefore save money by buying the bike without a belt first and get the belt later if the need arises.

Advantages of Abilica Stream UB VIII:

  • Professional functionality at an exerciser’s price
  • Bluetooth compatible with free app
  • Compatible with Google Maps
  • Lightweight construction with a large flywheel
  • 16 electronically controlled resistance levels and 12 training programs
  • Built-in heart rate monitor in the handles
  • Possibility of wireless connection of the heart rate belt

Abilica Stream RB X

Many of the exercise bikes you see in the gym come from Abilica’s equivalent professional suppliers. Unlike the usual exercise models, the professional bikes are adapted to be able to hold intensive use for several hours every day, and this, of course, has its price. The other models in the review are either hobby or semi-professional models. But despite this, we have also included Abilica Stream RB X for the sake of completeness.

This is a so-called sitting cycle, which for many can make the training a little more comfortable and at the same time contribute to a little extra load on the buttocks and the back of the thigh. A seat bike is suitable for everyone, but if you have balance problems, paralysis, or problems due to pregnancy or birth problems, this bike type is perfect. Here, the low boarding height is also a big plus.

Robust build quality and a sea of pro functions

The robust build quality results, not surprisingly, in a weight of 57 kilos, something that is a little above average. Large transport wheels in PVC, however, mean that any movement still takes place relatively easily. In return, this bike can carry exercisers with a personal weight of up to 200 kilos. Of course, the Abilica Stream RB X also offers a sea of adjustment options so that you can achieve a comfortable and ergonomic training position.

The computer on the Abilica Stream RB X can do a lot more than the average exercise cycle. The 12 different training programs may be very much in line with the standard, but with as many as 32 different resistance levels, this model is extremely flexible with the settings.

Flexibility is a keyword when it comes to connectivity. Built-in Bluetooth provides control and monitoring via computer, tablet, and smartphone, and you can also connect a heart rate belt wirelessly. The advanced electronics support, e.g., Google Maps, so it is possible to take the bike ride to a “real” place of your choice.

Advantages of Abilica Stream RB X:

  • Professional quality for intensive use
  • Comfortable seat bike with low boarding height
  • Extra training of the buttocks and thighs
  • Adapted to personal weight up to 200 kilos
  • Many setting options on the seat and steering
  • Bluetooth-compatible interaction with mobile devices
  • Supports wireless heart rate belt and Google Maps

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