Fast Weight Loss With Pills: Effect & Which Types?

Fast Weight Loss With Pills: Effect & Which Types?

There is a constant search for the best ways to get rid of excess pounds quickly. On the one hand, people are experimenting with different types of diets and, on the other, people are looking for supplements, such as pills.

Is there a pill for losing weight quickly? And if so, how quickly does that work? Do you have to diet on top of it, or is it a panacea? If you are curious about this, I advise you to read this article carefully. We will give you an appropriate answer to all your questions.

Can You Lose Weight Fast With Pills?

Let’s start right away with the most important question; is it possible to lose weight faster with pills?

Is there a pill that lets you lose all your excess pounds in a very short time?

The short answer may be a bit disappointing. The answer is namely; No. After all, pills are by no means magical miracle remedies for fast weight loss.

How come so many stories circulate of people who have lost 5-10 kilos in a very short time with pills?

Frequently, these kinds of results are not due to pills or other supplements. If these kinds of results are achieved, then supplements are used purely as support. For the rest, there is a good diet and hard training.

Your results are therefore largely dependent on your diet and your training schedule.

Does this mean that pills do not affect at all? No, not that. You can indeed use pills to give yourself that extra push.

But don’t expect miracles if you don’t currently have your diet in order.

How Fast Can I Lose Weight With Pills?

Pills can therefore have some effect on your metabolism and thus on your weight loss.

But how much does a pill speed up the entire process?

As mentioned, you do not have to expect miracles. You will certainly not lose weight twice as fast.

In the end, it is very difficult to determine exactly how big the effect is. This is extremely difficult to measure. Also, so far, little reliable scientific research has been done on it. In that case, science is of little use to us.

Rough estimates indicate that weight loss pills can increase your metabolism by up to a few percent. Whether that few percent will make the difference? Probably not.

You could probably have achieved the same result with more exercise or other food choices.

However, if you have your nutritional schedule perfectly in order and already exercise a lot, then those few percent can still be a nice bonus.

It’s important to set a realistic goal for yourself. If you want to lose weight with pills in a week, you will not healthily lose several kilos.

It is recommended to lose about 0.5 to 1 kg per week. If you are overweight, this may be a bit more.

What About Losing Weight From Your Belly With Pills?

For many, belly fat is the most stubborn fat there is. Fat on the lower abdomen, in particular, is often considered to be the problem area. It is therefore not surprising that so many people are looking for pills to lose weight quickly in the belly.

Whether you try to lose weight in your abdomen, it is good to understand that under no circumstances is it possible to lose fat locally. You cannot control where you lose your fat first. This is mainly genetic.

If you are unlucky, it may just be that your belly fat only disappears at the very last. In that case, patience and consistency is the best solution.

So there are no pills to slim your stomach specifically. If this is claimed by a producer or webshop, then you should ask yourself how reliable those pills are.

Why you can (sometimes) lose weight with pills

As mentioned, some supplements can make a small contribution to your diet and stimulate fat-burning somewhat. Let’s say there is a lot of difference in quality when it comes to diet pills. Whether the pill works or not depends mainly on the active substances contained in the capsule.

Fat burners almost always contain stimulants, including caffeine. Caffeine is by far the most prominent substance present in weight loss pills. Almost every weight loss supplement contains this substance.

According to research, caffeine does affect fat loss. It is a supplement that accelerates metabolism. Also, it offers you several benefits, such as an energy boost, which often comes in handy in an energy shortage. And it can also effectively suppress your hunger, making a diet easier to maintain.

Other active substances with a proven effect that we find in waste pills are:

  • Vegetable tea extract (see research )
  • CLA (see research )

Placebo effect

In addition to the substances that (can) have a positive effect on the metabolism, there is another reason why you can lose weight (quickly) with pills.

Even if the pill does not contain any ingredient that has a proven effect for faster fat loss, it can still work thanks to the placebo effect.

The condition, in this case, is that you fully believe in the effect of the waste pill.

When the placebo effect occurs, you still experience the promised benefits to a greater or lesser extent, purely because of your belief that it works.

Several studies have already shown the effectiveness of this effect. However, it remains a fairly gray area in science for the time being.

Weight Loss Pills That Work

Are you interested in losing weight quickly with pills? First of all, in that case, it is necessary to optimize your diet and exercise enough. It is also recommended that you choose a good weight loss pill, not just the first.

In many cases, these types of pills are only a waste of money. And in some cases, they also harm your health. Therefore, pay close attention before you purchase such a supplement. For example, there are many illegal slimming pills on the market that can be life-threatening.

There are also many pills that only contain diuretics. Because you lose a lot of moisture with these pills’ help, it seems as if you have lost a lot of fat mass. Both in the mirror, you will look slimmer, and the scales will show fewer kilos. However, this does not affect your fat burning, which is ultimately what it is all about.

Of course, in some cases, it may also be advisable to lose moisture, but choose pills that work both as a fat burner and a moisture repellent.

These are the best choices

Perfect Burn

These pills for weight loss contain a dose of caffeine and green tea extract as active ingredients. The pill has an effect of up to 8 hours and only 1 capsule a day is needed.

Stacker 4 Ephedra Free

These are also good and safe pills for losing weight quickly. The supplement contains anhydrous caffeine and also a strong herbal mix with natural stimulants.

1 pill per day can make you lose weight faster. It is recommended not to use this supplement for more than one month at a time.

The best alternative to pills

I discussed this in this text a couple of times; effective fat loss always starts with your diet. This is the best alternative to pills. Remember that weight loss pills are not a panacea. See them only as an addition to your diet.

Following a good and healthy diet is many times more effective and also gives you permanent results, so that you do not continue to fluctuate in weight.


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