Romantic Quotes for Lover

No person can become more alien than the one you loved in the past. Romanticism is fueled by distance, imagination, projection. The marital relationship is fed by a liquid social gruel, consisting of the similarity of interests, the constancy of the relationship, and living together.  I have found some Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover on the website called TheBirthdayBest you can have a look on it.

Romantic Quotes for Lover

  • In our business age, you need to be able to be a romantic.  
  • A romantic mood does not allow a person to be deceitful, ignorant, cowardly, and cruel.
  • What you can’t get always seems better than what you have. This is the romance and idiocy of human life. 

The most romantic quotes and sayings

  • Is there romance in ordinary life? Who are they? Where? And what are they? Yes, those who live up to the top happy Dreams, loved by their work, Those who know how to find the beautiful. Even in everyday and simple.  
  • I AM?! I am afraid of everything: what I saw, what I did, who I am, and most of all, to leave this room. This has never happened in my entire life. What I feel next to you.  

Romantic quotes from life 

  • He gave her daisies, not roses. I hugged at a forest fire, and not in an expensive restaurant. I walked with her in the parks, not the shops. And she was happy, not like in the movies, but like in life – for real.
  • How clumsy a person becomes when he truly loves! How quickly self-confidence flies from him! And how lonely he seems to himself; all his vaunted experience suddenly vanishes like smoke, and he feels so insecure.  
  • Tradition wears a gray beard; romance is always young.  
  • It is precisely those who most need it that deny love: in every Valmont, there is an incorrigible romantic, whom you don’t feed with bread, let him strum on a mandolin.  
  • There is an ennobling power in romance.
  • Romance is a mood when you see a miracle in everything ordinary. 
  • Darling, when I see you early in the morning, sleepy and unwashed, or in your studio all in paint, with disheveled hair and reddened eyes, I know that I have married the most beautiful woman in the world. (Nicholas Sparks)
  • Love is a passion, an obsession when you cannot imagine life without this person. Fall in love with someone, find someone you’ll be crazy about, and he’s crazy about you.  
  • True love is like a fern flower – everyone is looking for it, many people talk about it, but only the chosen ones manage to feel its magical touch on the heart and make sure that life has not been lived in vain.
  • Only those who have been alone more than once know the happiness of meeting with their beloved. 
  • A person of a romantic disposition regards everything intellectual with a secret suspicion; this is the root of the absurd infatuation called daydreaming. Those who consider dreams a game of intellect is mistaken. No, dreams are the opposite; they are an escape from the mind.  
  • Why do we get sick of romance? We are ashamed of our feelings. We shy away from lofty words like the plague. Do not sing about your own inability to love. 
  • Love cannot express the idea of ​​music, but music can give an idea of ​​love.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic. A man should share my vital interests and help me become a kinder person. That’s what love should give. 
  • A wealth of the heart often heals the jealousy and inattention of contemporaries. Some are only able to see dead beauty.  
  • I’m ready to die, Clem. So I’m happy now. This has never happened to me. I found what I dreamed of.  
  • No one knows more about love than the desired newborn baby, to whose every breath the parents tremblingly listen, as if to Divine music.
  • Romance arises when a woman has female power over a man and becomes more important for him than everything else to the pleasure of both.  
  • How romantic it is to love a man who will never be yours.  
  • One hour of love is a lifetime.  

Romantic quotes to Send

  • Love does not tolerate explanations. She needs action.  
  • It seems to me that there is some kind of romance of its own – to leave the house for bread and go to another city.
  • He clutched the phone as if hoping to stop time.  

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