The Great Rowing Machine Test – Final TOP 3

Buying a rowing machine is not always easy. Of course, you want to be assured of the best price-quality ratio. However, if you don’t personally test the rowing machine, it can be difficult to determine which one suits you best.

To help you on your way, we did the ultimate rowing machine test. We have tested the rowing machines on multiple criteria, which you can also find on this page.

Why test a rowing machine?

As mentioned, not everyone can go to the showroom and try out different rowing trainers there. Many people look for test results online.

For example, a consumer association rowing machine test is often sought. You probably know the consumer association, and this is an organization that helps the consumer to find the best buy.

However, there is currently no consumer association test of rowing machines available. That is why we went in search of the best buy ourselves.

Equipped with a list of the most important criteria, we have scrutinized the best and most popular rowing trainers.

We have not limited ourselves to just a few brands. No, we have subjected the entire Dutch market to the test. We have also included the lesser-known rowing machine brands.

The 3 best-tested rowing machines

Focus Fitness Row 3 – Best for the home

In terms of home rowing machines, Focus Fitness’s Row 3 came out on top. This rowing machine meets all standards for comfortable and high-quality rowing training.

The rowing machine is sturdy, durable, and heavy-duty. The build quality is fine, and it remains stable during training.

It also has enough resistance levels, and the device is also noiseless. It is outfitted with a magnetic resistance device to keep your roommates at bay.

Finally, Row 3 is very competitively priced, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

Senz Sports R5000 – Best Professional Rower

Are you looking for a rowing machine for professional use? Or do you, as a fanatic home athlete, have high demands on your equipment? Then it is best to go for a skilled computer.

The requirements are slightly higher for these rowing trainers. Attention must be paid to solid build quality, ultimate durability, and heavy load capacity.

This R5000 from Senz Sports has all these features. The rowing machine is equipped with handy ease of use and training options.

The price is also very attractive for this device. It is competitively priced for a professional rower of this caliber.

VirtuFit Pro Water Resistance – Best with water resistance

We know that there are many fantastic rowers who prefer to train on a rowing machine with water resistance. That is why we also went in search of the best water rower.

We have compared a lot of good devices with each other. In doing so, we took the price-quality ratio very carefully into account in our quest.

Ultimately, the VirtuFit Pro Water Resistance emerged as the best. You have numerous training options on this rowing machine. For example, you can train with apps, and you have an extensive training computer at your disposal.

We tested the rowing machines for this

Now you are probably curious about what we have tested the rowing machines for. Below we briefly explain the most important criteria.

Maximum user weight

The maximum user weight is an important point for us to pay attention to when testing rowing machines. Why? Because this is often a good indication of the quality of the material.

The heavier the maximum user weight, the sturdier the build quality. A rowing machine that can be heavily loaded is usually a lot more durable and sturdy.

Training opportunities

If you get a rowing machine at home, you naturally want to get the most out of your training. It is, therefore, necessary to select a rower who will offer you the options for this.

Nowadays, there are rowing trainers that you can use to train with applications. There are also many differences in the training computers.

The best rowing machines come with different training programs for multiple training purposes. That way, you can work on your physical goals in a targeted manner.


Before purchasing a rowing machine, it is important to ask yourself how often you train on the machine.

For example, are you only going to train on it a few times a week or every day? If you are going to use the rowing machine intensively, the device must be suitable for this.

For example, some rowing machines are suitable for daily intensive use, while others are only suitable for a few workouts per week. Ideally, you have a rowing machine that you can use often, and that can weigh heavily.

Ease of use

The ease of use also plays a significant role in our final decision. Especially the ease of use of the training computer is important. But it is also desirable that you can easily adjust everything so that you can start rowing in a good position.

Firmness and stability

We’ve just talked briefly about firmness. The frame must be sturdy, and the other parts, such as the footrests and the handle. Also, the rowing machine must be tested for stability. You can test this by rowing at high intensity.

If the rowing machine does not move and remains firmly in place during such an intense workout, it has passed the test.

General condition and quality

Finally, we took a critical look at the general condition and quality of the device. What is the finish, and what material is it made of? Can it possibly rust? All these questions arise during this extensive evaluation. These are questions.

How did we run the test?

In the end, we based the result on six criteria. To finally arrive at the result, we used a points system. We have given one point of attention more important than the other point of attention because, in our opinion, this is more important in a good rowing machine.

In the end, we added up all the scores, and these rowing trainers came out as the best.

Rowing machine tests consumer association

When we started looking for the very best devices, we naturally looked for other test results. For example, we were very curious about that of the consumer association.

However, as we indicated earlier on this page, there is no consumer association test available. We do not know precisely what the reason for this is.

Fortunately, there is no need to panic, as you can now consult our test to find the best buy.

Closing thought

We hope you’ve found a rowing machine that’s good for you; this review is helpful. If you have any questions or comments, you can always leave a comment below this article.

If you are still in doubt or want to further orient yourself, you can always look at our other articles and buy guides about rowing machines. I wish you a lot of safe rowing training!


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