Types of Sewing Machine and Their Names

Types of Sewing Machine and Their Names: As a clothing manufacturer, choosing a sewing machine when buying it can sometimes be confusing due to the variety of options that exist. What will then be the best option for you and your business?

Types of Sewing Machine and Their Names

If you need the answers to this question, don’t worry! Next, we will tell you about the different types of sewing machines on the market and their characteristics so that you can choose the best option according to your needs.

Identify Your FAQ

Before deciding on any of them, it is important that you answer these questions:

  • What kind of use will you give the machine?
  • What type of fabric do you want to sew?
  • How often will you use the sewing machine?

Depending on the use and frequency, and especially the fabric, there are three types of sewing machines: those for domestic use, which are machines for the home without demanding performance; the semi-industrial ones that can also be for domestic use, but for more frequent and demanding use; and the industrial ones, which have a greater productive capacity and fulfill more specific and specialized uses.

Now, within these three categories, there are a wide variety of options, so here are some, so you know which sewing machine will be best for you according to each fabric.

Types of Sewing Machines According to Each Fabric

There are many sewing machines, but in this guide, we will explain the main machines according to the type of fabric, whether it is flat-woven or knitted fabrics.

1. Single needle flat machine

It is one of the most used machines since it allows basic seams to be done on most garments. Its main function is to intertwine an upper thread with a lower one through the fabric, making a straight seam. It is used for both flat fabric and knitted fabric.

2. Filleting machine

This type of machine works with a mechanism that allows one thread and two yarns to be intertwined, a type of sewing called overcasting that consists of finishing off the edge of the fabric to prevent it from fraying.

It is mainly used in knitted fabric, although it can also be used in plain weaves.

3. Collar machine

This machine makes it possible to cover the selvages of fabrics superimposed on one another for decorative purposes.

It is especially used in knitted fabrics, although it can also be used in flat fabrics. It can be very useful in making underwear and stretch fabrics.

4. Elbow seaming machine

They are machines specially used to make the closure of shirts, sleeves, jackets, and jeans, among others. It uses 3 needles and is capable of up to 7,000 stitches per minute.

It is used in flat-type fabrics.

5. Flat Seamer Machine

The Flat Seamer makes a type of flat seam that uses 4 needles and 3 hooks that work at the same time and synchronously while using a pair of knives that work horizontally, re-sharpening the fabric before seaming it.

It is mainly used in knitted fabrics.

6. Buttonhole sewing machine

These machines specialize in placing buttons of all kinds on any garment. It is used for both flat weaving and knitting. According to the Malinda Bailey the owner and author of TheSewingStuffs.com, “It functions as a fastener. Buttons are used to fasten garments, materials, and bags, as well as to decorate them. We’ll need a hole to slip through a button. That gap is known as the buttonhole.

7. Glazing machine

These types of machines are used to make buttonholes of different shapes and sizes, teardrop or straight. It is used in flat fabrics.

8. Clamping machine

This machine is designed to secure the seams of garments and put pins, and bartack pockets, among others. It is also used for decorative stitching. It is mainly used in knitting.

9. Multi-needle machines

It is a very versatile type of machine that uses several needles and allows multiple stitches to be made. It is widely used to sew elastic in different garments, be it shorts, pants, sweaters, etc.

10.  Industrial sewing machine

It is a specific machine for joining pieces that shape the waistband, skirt, or waistband of pants and allows up to two operations to be carried out simultaneously.

It is used in both knitting and plain weaving.

11. Two-needle flat machine

This machine allows up to two straight seams to be made simultaneously, which helps to optimize production times much better. It is used to join and secure pieces and to make backstitches. It is used both in plain weave and in knitted fabric.


Now yes, you understand Types of Sewing Machine and Their Names and ready to buy your sewing machine!  Your concerns are very important to us, so if you require more information or have any questions, comment bellow and tell us what you need to provide you with all the advice, you are looking for.