Which cross trainer should I choose?

The price is, as with everything else, an essential part when choosing a cross-trainer. If you want comfort and quality in the same way as the cross-trainers you find in the gym, you must be prepared that the desired model will be among the more expensive in this review. Crosstrainers that are cheaper than those available at the gym can be at least as good and effective; the main thing is that you can train in a good way.

However, our experience shows that the desire to get started is quite closely linked to good equipment, and an extra investment can be what makes you find the desire to continue training. If you have set some specific goals, an investment in a good cross trainer can be what gets you started in earnest.

Design and colors can be important parameters for some, but it is more important to look at other more important parameters for your daily training. Usually, the cross trainer is still not in the middle of the room, but maybe in the guest room or somewhere else in the home. In a smaller unit of length, the living room may be the optimal solution, and in that case, you should think one more turn regarding the model’s mobility. Here, a lighter model or a model with transport wheels may be the best option.

Most cross trainers offer many different programs and other choices. It can, e.g., be cross-trainers that have heart rate programs or provide the ability to connect the heart rate monitor you are used to using.

Why have cross trainers become so popular?

Measurements show that long-distance skiing is one of the sports where athletes use the most energy. This is because the whole body is moving, and all the muscles are being used. However, most people do not have the opportunity to take a ski trip after work, and the cross trainer is, therefore, an excellent alternative. It stimulates the body in the same way where the arms, legs, and rest are used. This increases calorie burning and can also get your heart rate up throughout a moment. If you are looking for improved fitness and weight loss, the cross trainer is the perfect tool.

Simultaneously, the cross trainer is distinguished by the fact that the body is not loaded in an unhealthy way. Running is an excellent exercise, which, however, often results in overload injuries. This is because the body is not built for the hard trampling that occurs when running on asphalt or concrete. This type of problem does not occur when you train with sliding movements on a cross-trainer, where the foot position and also the height can be adjusted, so they are optimal.

Many people specifically use the cross trainer during the winter, which is perhaps more fun than walking and running out in the snow and cold. The advantage is that you can read a book or watch a TV program while improving your health and burning those extra kilos.

With the cross-trainer, you exercise your whole body

Danish journalist Birgitte Nymann has written a total of 23 books on diet and exercise. She tells in an interview in the magazine  Ute och Hemma why the cross trainer is so good for losing weight.

As previously mentioned, cross-country skiing is one of the forms of exercise where you burn the most energy per minute and improve your fitness the fastest. A cross trainer is similar to cross-country skiing in the movements you do. You load both legs and arms simultaneously, which according to Birgitte Nymann, gives a sky-high energy consumption.

A cross-trainer can be seen as a combination of a treadmill and an exercise bike. This provides the opportunity for really good cardio training because you activate many of the body’s muscles at once.

It is also good for rehabilitation if you, e.g., have injuries:

Crosstrainer is also really good if you have injuries you need to take into account. This is because it is a very mild form of exercise where you get the opportunity to activate the whole body. Your body does not get a vertical load through your joints, as is the case with other exercise types. Running. This is because you have your feet in motion on the cross-trainer with the pedals while you are active, which means that you do not strain your joints unnecessarily.

Good training advice:

The health magazine iForm, which specializes in everything to do with exercise, writes positively about cross-trainers and how to make the best use of them. Because a cross-trainer is a mix of treadmill, treadmill, and cardio, you get all the benefits in one machine. As said before, a cross trainer is a very good tool for you who have some type of injury but who still want to continue to take care of yourself and train. Because the feet never leave the pedals, as you do when you are running, no heavy load is created on your knees and joints.

An excellent way to keep fit in a cross trainer is a so-called interval workout, where you increase the speed and lower it in intervals, and thus never let the body get into its comfort zone, something that burns fat in the absolute best way. Start with a 10-minute warm-up, then start driving as fast as you can for a minute and then slow down for a minute. Repeat in 5-6 rounds

If you want to read more good training advice, the well-known health coach Chris MacDonald has written an article together with the large and well-established Danish magazine, where you can read some of his best advice. Here is both good advice for training in general and why he thinks that the cross trainer is a good choice for exercise.

¬†Here’s how to use a cross-trainer in the best way:

Running trainer Christian Madsen has collaborated with the fitness magazine iForm written an article that looks more closely at how you train correctly with your cross-trainer.

He mentions, i.a. that if you want to have the most optimal effect, it is also essential to use your arms actively. The fact that you can use both arms and legs simultaneously is one of the positive parts of the machine, as the activation of several muscle groups at the same time means that you can get your heart rate much higher than usual.


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